Understanding Charitable Remainder Trusts

How to Secure a Lifetime Income, Save Taxes & Benefit a Charity

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  1. What does a CRT do?
  2. How does a CRT work?
  3. Why not sell the asset myself and re-invest?
  4. What happens if they use a CRT?
  5. What are my income choices?
  6. Can I receive a fixed income instead?
  7. Who can receive income from the trust?
  8. Do I have to take the income now?
  9. How is the income tax deduction determined?
  10. What kinds of assets are suitable?
  11. Who should be the trustee?
  12. Do I still have some control?
  13. Can I make any other changes?
  14. Sounds great for me. But if I give away the asset, what about my children?
  15. Why use a life insurance trust?
  16. So what's the catch?
  17. Benefits of a Charitable Remainder Trust
  18. Should I seek professional assistance?

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