Understanding Funding Your Living Trust

Why and How to Transfer Your Assets To Your Revocable Living Trust

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  1. Introduction
  2. What is "funding" my trust?
  3. Who controls the assets in my trust?
  4. Why is funding my trust so important?
  5. What happens if I forget to transfer an asset?
  6. Who is responsible for funding my trust?
  7. Won't my attorney do this?
  8. How difficult is the funding process?
  9. Which assets should I put in my trust?
  10. Will putting real estate in my trust cause any inconveniences?
  11. What about out-of-state property?
  12. What about contaminated property?
  13. What about community property status?
  14. Should I put my life insurance in my trust?
  15. Should my trust own my car?
  16. What about my IRA and other tax-deferred plans?
  17. Are there any assets I should not put in my trust?
  18. What about property that doesn't have a title?
  19. What if I buy new assets after I fund my trust?
  20. Funding Your Living Trust (Summary)

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