Understanding Corporate Trustees

7 Reasons To Have A Professional Help You Build, Manage and Protect Your Wealth

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  1. What is a corporate trustee?
  2. 7 Reasons To Use A Corporate Trustee
  3. When would I use a corporate trustee?
  4. As Trustee
  5. As Co-Trustee
  6. As Investment Agent
  7. As Successor Trustee
  8. Couldn't I name a relative or friend instead?
  9. Do I lose control if I use a corporate trustee?
  10. How safe are trust assets?
  11. Should everyone use a corporate trustee?
  12. Are there any disadvantages to using a corporate trustee?
  13. Is a corporate trustee expensive?
  14. How can I evaluate a corporate trustee?
  15. Could a Corporate Trustee Help You? Look at These 18 Real-Life Situations

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