Understanding Who Should Be Beneficiary of Your IRA

How to Turn a Modest Tax-Deferred Account Into Millions For Your Family

(includes IRAs, 401(k)s, pensions, profit sharing and other qualified plans)

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  1. Introduction
  2. Don't I have to use this money for my retirement?
  3. How much will I have to take out?
  4. Doesn't my beneficiary affect my distribution?
  5. Whom can I name as beneficiary?
  6. Option 1: Spouse
  7. How does the spousal rollover option work?
  8. What happens if my spouse dies first?
  9. Are there any disadvantages of naming my spouse?
  10. Option 2: Children, Grandchildren, Others
  11. Are there any disadvantages?
  12. Option 3: Trusts
  13. Are there any disadvantages?
  14. Option 4: Charity
  15. Option 5. Some or All of the Above
  16. What are estate taxes and why should I care?
  17. What can I do about estate taxes?
  18. How can splitting my IRA help?
  19. What if I'm not married?
  20. When can I change my beneficiary?
  21. What about a Roth IRA?
  22. Do I need professional assistance?

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