Understanding Life Insurance Trusts

How to Reduce or Eliminate Your Estate Tax Cost

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  1. What does a life insurance trust do?
  2. What are estate taxes?
  3. Who has to pay estate taxes?
  4. What makes up my net estate?
  5. How does an insurance trust reduce estate taxes?
  6. What if my estate is larger than this?
  7. How does an irrevocable insurance trust work?
  8. Can I be my own trustee?
  9. Why not just name someone else as owner of my insurance policy?
  10. How does an insurance trust give me more control?
  11. Are there other benefits to naming the trust as beneficiary of an insurance policy?
  12. Who can be beneficiaries of the trust?
  13. Where does the trustee get the money to purchase a new insurance policy?
  14. Are there any restrictions on transferring my existing policies to an insurance trust?
  15. Can I make any changes to the trust?
  16. When should I set up an insurance trust?
  17. Should I seek professional assistance?
  18. Benefits of a Life Insurance Trust

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