Commonly Asked Questions
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Can You Pick & Choose What Goes On Your Site?
If you purchase the Optional Web Site Design/Host Service, yes! Choose from dozens of web site designs, hundreds of free images, millions of colors and more. You can customize most anything on the screen, including your site's navigation buttons, the site's title & subtitle, and page content/text. You can even upload your own images, movies, audio files, PDFs and documents. You can create literally thousands of web pages with your own content, links to other web site, visitor feedback forms, newsletters, articles - whatever you want! No special software or web programming knowledge is needed to use this system - just your web browser.

Can You Use Your Own Domain Name?
Yes. When you sign up, we give you a FREE web site address at, where "yourname" can be anything you desire. If you would like your own domain name (such as, you can register/purchase it through (or we can do it for you; which is recommended) for $34.99 per year. You can then connect the domain name to your web site. We can assist you with that if you'd like.

Do We Keep Our Content Current?
Yes! Whenever the tax laws change, we update all of the content we license to you.

Can You Sell On-Line?
If you purchase the Optional Web Site Design/Host service, yes! This web site service includes integrated PayPal for selling online.

Can We Add Our Content to Your Existing Web Site?
Yes. If you already have a web site and would like to take advantage of our educational content and free marketing benefits, we can "integrate" our content into your web site. This is done with iFrames.

Who Handles Emails, Free Kits Requests & Orders?
As your web site host, we do not handle your e-mail correspondence or free kit/order fulfillment. E-mails will be sent directly to whatever email address you specify (yours, an assistant, etc.) for you to handle however you wish. This lets you use your own letterhead, mailing fillers and prospect-handling techniques.

In terms of what makes up the free kit, that is up to you. When you first build your web site, the kit defaults to offering print products you can buy from us and then send to your prospects. You can use our products, your products or a combination.

Do We Promote Your Web Site?
Yes. Every month, thousands of people visit our Web Site, Many of these consumers are specifically looking for an estate planning professional. To make their search easy and to generate business for you, we offer consumers a FREE on-line database where they can locate you, 24 hours a day.

When you become a web site client of ours, we automatically add your web site listing to this database and upgrade your listing to be an "enhanced listing" with a special icon next to your name. When your name comes up in search results, it is always at the top of the list (above any free listings) and the icon indicates to consumers that you have free estate planning information at your web site. The icon also acts as a link to your web site. One click and the consumer is immediately jumped to your site, leaivng our site. This ensures that you have the best chance of being found by new prospects AND that they will go to your web site.

Do We Make Enhancements to the Web Site Service?
Yes. A big yes, too. This is one of the best features of our service.

We provide improvements to your web site service on a regular basis based on feedback from our actual clients. If you have an idea for something you would like to see added to the service, just let us know. We prioritize our enhancement list based on how many people asked for each feature. In addition, we add new educational content to your service for free as we create it.

Do We Offer Technical Support?
Yes. Part of the monthly service fee you pay for includes technical support. That means that you can email or call us with any question you have, and you get answers. None of that pay-per-issue nonsense.

Do We Register Your Site with Search Engines?
We do not register your site with search engines. All we do is provide you with the web site host/design tool (if you buy the optional service) and license you educational estate planning content (that we keep current).

Can You Edit The Content We Provide?
No. If you altered the content we provide for your site, we could no longer keep it current or correct (plus it would breech copyright law and the license agreement).