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Already invested in developing your Web site? No problem. We can incorporate our always up-to-date estate planning educational content into your existing site's design for $3.25 per day - less than your morning coffee and muffin. Our "full edition" service costs $99 per month and our "limited edition" service costs $49 per month. Pay month-to-month or get the 12th month free if you prepay for a year.

Don't have a Web site yet? No problem. You can purchase the Optional Web Site Host/Design Service* for an additional $11.99 per month.

Here's a table to illustrate the cost for our estate planning educational content with (and without) the optional web site design/host service.

Special Offer: Prepay for 11 months of our content upfront and get the 12th month free. That's a savings of between $49 to as much as $99 depending upon the services you select.

  Our Estate Planning
Educational Content Only
Our Estate Planning Educational Content
plus The Optional Web Site Design/Host Service*
Full Edition $99 per month $111 per month
Limited Edition $49 per month $61 per month

*The Optional Web Site Design/Host Service is a product/service owned and controlled by,
known as the nsHosting Shared (Small). We assist you with acquiring, setting up and
using this service on an ongoing basis, but you own it and pay them directly for it.