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Quotes From Your Clients
Quotes from the general public visiting your web site with us.

"This site is not only well designed, but the content is extremely helpful & well designed. Anyone with questions about estate planning will benefit tremendously from this site." Keesey

"This is a wonderful site! There is a lot of helpful information, simply and clearly presented. I now feel confident in my ability to navigate the best course of action in taking care of my estate planning needs." Micah

"Very informational and helpful site filled with good basic estate and financial planning tips." Harry

Quotes From You
Quotes from estate planning professionals using our web site service.

"You are awesome. I just have to think of something and it's done! Thank you so much. That's exactly what I wanted. It looks great. You certainly make me look good. You do the work and I take the credit." • Katy McGrath, Charter Trust Company

"I get one trust every month from my web site with estateplanning.com! I'm extremely happy with my site." • Attorney in Greentree, PA

"I am grateful for the massive intelligence that you and your associates have put into this. Getting into your program is by far the best thing I have ever done. You can quote me on this! Thank you sincerely." • William Kaufman, NY

"Thank you so much for all of your help. I know it's what you're there for, but in today's business world it's nice to receive such prompt and friendly solutions not excuses and jargon." • Assistant to Russell S. Olds, AZ

"You are not going to believe the impact of the web site on my practice. We have had over 500 hits in three months; most of the hits are clients and referral sources. We tell people to go to the site before an appointment, and because clients are more informed, my consultations are reduced by half the time. I've gotten at least one client from the web per month. Here is the best example: The client comes in for an appointment. How did you hear about me? 'My CPA said to go see you and to check out your web site.' OK! Well I understand your problem. The consultation was less than 1/2 hr. Previously, the consultation would have been 1 and 1/2 hrs. with a followup up to another hour and probably a meeting with the CPA." • David Correira, Esq., MA & RI

"A big success! I've been using my web site for about 4 months and have over 300 'hits' to my site." • Hollis L. Logue, III in San Jose, CA

"My estate planning Web Site was very easy to set up. The Web Site is a valuable resource that I can use to help introduce prospective clients to basic estate planning concepts before the initial appointment. If the client has reviewed the information on the Web Site before coming to my office, I spend less time explaining the "basics," and can use my time more efficiently. If promoted correctly, a well-designed, informative Web Site can be a very effective marketing tool for the estate planning attorney." • Larry Ford, Attorney at Law

"Wow! That was fast! The site looks great. Thanks for providing such an efficient and professional service." • J. Long, Attorney in Natchitoches, LA

"Unbelievable! I just researched the cost of getting my own estate planning web site through other companies. It's a minimum of $2,000 to set up, $125 per month to maintain and there is NO content or support! Why, oh why, didn't I know about your service sooner?" • Attorney in Tennessee

"You do great work! Very responsive. Thanks for your help, the web site looks great." • G. Matecun

"I'm just starting to get into my site and it's nice to know I'm with the clear leader in the field." • Attorney in Irvine, CA

"I've had the site for less than a month and have had 130 hits! Wow! I've said it before, but I believe my selection of your web site additions was one of the best marketing techniques I've done this year! Thanks again for steering me in the right direction." • Attorney in San Jose, CA

"You provide an excellent service, and I am VERY PLEASED. Thank you for your hard work." • T. Dear in New Smyrna Beach, FL

"It's nice knowing there is help a phone call away! Thank you very much for helping me yesterday. It's nice knowing there is help a phone call away, and I truly appreciate your assistance as I have not had much time to delve into this yet."
• Private Bank Company - CA, FL, MI & TX

"I find I actually do get clients from the Internet. It works! Thank you for the information about the new link to the Senior.Com site. Sounds great, I tried it out, it looks interesting. I find I actually do get clients from the Internet. It works. May we all be enriched by networking." • Attorney in San Francisco, CA

"I've been looking for just the right way to make the 'leap to the net'... You have a fascinating concept here!" • Attorney in Gilbert, AZ

"Thank you for your prompt, thorough and courteous response. Kudos to you on your customer service!!!" • Attorney in Long Beach, CA

"I've been with estateplanning.com for a few years... and have not seen my target audience as 'web savvy.' I ask each seminar how many use the Internet. Last year, the response was always zero, but now, the response is as great as 30%!" • Attorney in Mt. Prospect, IL

"Wow I am impressed! Thanks so much for attending to my requests so promptly. I am very appreciative of your services and believe this will be a great benefit to my practice. Keep up the good work. I believe this will be a long term business relationship."
• Attorney in Jefferson City, MO

"I am amazed! My site and domain name is now up and working. Thanks. Really smooth installation." • Attorney in Houston, TX