Presentation Disclaimer
Presentations (in any form) are nonreturnable and nonrefundable. This is actually a good thing, because you can be assured of the quality of product we are selling and our confidence in it. Here's why:

You Know What You're Getting:
You can view each and every slide and script page on our web site to see exactly what you are going to get before you order. This way, you are not surprised by what you are paying for.

We'll Replace Damaged Media:
If there is a problem with the CD media itself, we will replace it in exchange for the bad CD at no cost. If you lose your files and your CD, and we have a record of your purchase, we will send you a new CD for $49 (plus any upgrade fees if your files are out-of-date; purchased before the 1st of this year). If you do not have a CD drive, or you simply can't get the CD you buy from us to work, we will transfer the file(s) to you over the Internet.

We Know The PowerPoint Files Work:
We tested the PowerPoint presentation files on both Macintosh and PC computers. On PC computers, we tested the PowerPoint presentation files on a variety of different computers, from different manufacturers running Windows 95, 98, 2000, and ME. All of the tested systems worked.

We Support Many Versions of PowerPoint:
The files we provide you with will run with different version of the PowerPoint application, going back to software Microsoft sold years ago. Specifically, it will run in PowerPoint 4.0, PowerPoint 95, PowerPoint 97, PowerPoint 2000 and PowerPoint 2001. We authored our files in the most recent version of PowerPoint, so that is the recommended software to run. We are not responsible for any problems encountered if you are using outdated software (like lack of features in earlier versions of PowerPoint).

You Can Run A Test File Before Purchase
As further proof that our PowerPoint files will work on your computer, you can download and run a test file to see if you encounter any issues before purchase. This test file contains 5 slides from one of our presentations. You can view this test file with either your PowerPoint program or with our PowerPoint Viewer program. You can download this presentation sample at our
downloads section. If you encounter trouble running the program, please see our PowerPoint Presentation Support page for troubleshooting.

You Can Still Run The Presentations If You Don't Own PowerPoint:
If you do not own PowerPoint, we also provide a PowerPoint Viewer 97 application on the CD, so that you can still run the presentations. However, this application gives you very limited control over the presentation, mostly play options. Unless you own the full PowerPoint application, you will not be able to modify the presentation slides or script pages. This is a function of Microsoft's software, not our presentations.

Other Issues Are Not Related To Our Product
Given all of the above, the only reason you would experience problems with these presentations would have nothing to do with our product. In our experience, most problems arise from issues with your hardware (CD drive, computer, etc.), your knowledge of using a computer, or your knowledge of using the PowerPoint program. Though we can certainly assist you in these areas, none of these issues are our responsibility, as they have nothing to do with the actual PowerPoint files we sell.
You can also click here to find PowerPoint Presentation Support here.