Presentation Support (Answers to Common Issues)
Because you can view the presentation in their entirety online, presentations are nonreturnable and nonrefundable. Click here for more on the No-Return & No-Refund Policy.


Issue: Can't run presentation manually (it runs by itself)
Our PowerPoint presentations have been initially set up to run by itself, in case you want to have it running in your waiting room or conference room. It is easy to disable this feature. First, make sure you are using a version of PowerPoint that you purchased. (If you don't own PowerPoint, and you are using the free PowerPoint Viewer program from Microsoft, see the NOTE below.) Launch your PowerPoint program (such as PowerPoint 2003, or whatever version you have). Go to the FILE menu and select OPEN. Find the presentation you bought from us either on the CD we sent you, or better yet, a copy you've made of that CD presentation to your hard drive. Open that file. Once the presentation is open, go the the SLIDE SHOW menu and select SLIDE TRANSITION. On the window that comes up, under the ADVANCE SLIDE area, go ahead and UNcheck the "automatically after X seconds" option. Now click the APPLY TO ALL button. This will remove the automatic self-play features for all the slides in that presentation. Now when you go to the SLIDE SHOW menu and select VIEW SHOW, the slides and slide elements will not advance unless you click the mouse button or press the right arrow key. You should go the FILE menu and select SAVE to save your work (or SAVE AS and rename this new manually-advancing presentation file). If you'd prefer to keep the option to use the self-running presentation, simply grab a new copy of our presentation off the CD we sent to you, or make a copy of it to your hard drive and name it so you will know it is self-running. NOTE: If you do not own PowerPoint, and are only using the free PowerPoint viewer program, you will have very limited options for playback. You will need to purchase the actual PowerPoint program to make alterations to slide transitions and have a manually-running presentation as described above. If you bought our presentations, do not own PowerPoint program, don't want to buy PowerPoint program, and are only planning on using PowerPoint Viewer program, and want the presentation to not run by itself, please let us know. We create and send to you a custom presentation to be manually-advancing.


Issue: Can't save changes made to the presentation
You must own the actual PowerPoint program to make and save changes. Secondly, you MUST save the presentations from the CD to your hard disk. If you open a file from the CD and try to save it to the CD, you will get an error message, because CDs are a read-only medium unless you are burning a CD (which is not the same as doing a "save"). You can move the presentations from the CD to your hard drive or to the desktop by using common copy/paste commands, or you can open the files in PowerPoint, go to the FILE menu and select SAVE AS and select your hard disk to save a copy. From that point on, you can edit those files and save changes.


Issue: Don't own PowerPoint
You can view the presentations using the PowerPoint Viewer provided on the CD we sent you - or you can download it from the "downloads" area at The viewer must be installed first (run the installer program on the CD), and once installed, then you can watch/give the presentations. The viewer is a play-only program, you cannot make changes to the presentation unless you own the actual PowerPoint program.


Issue: Can't see the script/note pages
If you do not own PowerPoint, we've put the script in PDF format on the CD for you. You must use Acrobat Reader (or another program that can view PDF files) to view/print these scripts. We've inlcuded an Acrobat Reader installer on the CD, but we encourage you to get the most recent one directly from You cannot make changes to script/note pages unless you have PowerPoint program. If you do have the PowerPoint program, you can view the note pages by typically going to VIEW menu > NOTE PAGES. Alternatively, there is usually a graphical button you can click near the bottom-left of the PowerPoint screen that toggles the note pages on/off. This button will vary in location and look depending on what version of PowerPoint you are using. Going to VIEW menu > NORMAL often shows you the slide AND the notes AND the outline of all slide list on one screen.


Issue: Can't run the presentation
Go to SLIDE SHOW menu and select VIEW SHOW to run the presentation. Use the right arrow key on your keyboard to step forward, and the left arrow key to step backwards. You can also setup the show to run automatically at a certain pace.


Issue: Can't get script/text off the screen (just want to see slide)
PowerPoint offers multiple ways to view your presentation. Go to the VIEW menu to see your choices. If you just want to view the slide (without the text/script visible), choose SLIDE from the VIEW menu. This mode is primarily for editing, not presenting. To run the persentation, go to SLIDE SHOW menu and select VIEW SHOW. Use the right arrow key on your keyboard to step forward, and the left arrow key to step backwards. You can also setup the show to run automatically at a certain pace.


Issue: Can't see script/notes on screen while presenting
To our knowledge, you cannot view your script notes on the computer screen WHILE using that same computer to present the slides. This is because the video output to the projector or external monitor is MIRRORING exactly what it sees on your computer/laptop screen. The solution is to print out the NOTES pages and use them to present while your laptop/computer runs the presentation slides.


Issue: Copyright Privileges / Photo Use
The photos we use in our PowerPoint presentations are stock photos and we purchased the right to use them. The license agreement we have contains an indemnity clause that protects us, and you as our client, against copyright claims made based on the photos.


Issue: Other Issues
PowerPoint is a program created by Microsoft, and thus, you should consult their web site technical support at or read your manual for more information on using their program. We are more than happy to help you with any issues that are related to the CD we sent you or the actual presentation files, but we do not provide support for the PowerPoint program, as this is not our product.